Sunday, June 04, 2006


Ahhhh, it was a great amil week , but a slightly less great camera week so it took awhile to get some of these photos together. Our digital is moody. I will go chronologically to keep things straight. First of all, I participated in Eireann's ( trim swap and check out my goodies! I love the yellow velvet and the green with the tiny flowers is my favorite. I cannot wait to use these!! Oh and the brown rick rack is so perfect for a piece of fabric that I have. What a fun swap and what great choices she made for me! Secondly, and very exciting I might add, I got my back tack! Dorie ( made a perfectly lovely pointy kitty! The M on the side is so perfectly done I was very impressed. My absolute favorite part of this kitty, Is that Dorie used the button to make this gal a Momma kitty. Too too cute and funny! Nice creative use of the buttons! She also packed in some other goodies like the cutest little vintagey chenille fox that is now in the china cabinet looking very cute. Also the softest nicest linen napkins and some fabric to boot! I love backtack-especially when you have a great person backtacking for you! Speaking of backtack, after much agonizing, I mean much concentrated thought, I have landed on what I am going to do for my backtack. I have the advantage of living in the same city as my recipient so I can work until the last minute and still deliver on time!
We thrifted yesterday because we needed bookcases. We ended up finding three nice tall ones for $10 a piece which was exactly in our price range (of what we wanted to pay, not what we expected to pay so it was nice). Course I found a few bits a bobs that needed to come home with me. (thats what the bookcases are for- to store al this stuff!) I love that butterfly fabric. And the paisley is so nice. Pretty good finds, really. The piece on the far right is actually a flocked placemat. So cute. We also finally bought rocks so I can finish the rock area in the backyard. The photos are not as clear as I would have liked because it is grey and gross here today. Not good for photos but wonderful for the green blades of grass poking out of our dirt! Have a great sunday evening!


Blogger lorinda said...

The kitty is to die for! So cute!!!! And love the trims and fabric you got too.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Dorie said...

So glad momma cat arrived safe and sound. Thanks for the kind words!

7:36 PM  
Blogger molly | said...

the buttons on your backtack are hilarious! what a funny idea!
love your new thrifting finds. can't wait to see your shelves doing their job. I haven't made any progress on my shelving plans! :(

5:22 AM  
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