Monday, May 29, 2006


From Ahhhhhh last weekend to UGH! this weekend. We spent much of saturday in the constant unrelenting downpour, moving big piles of dirt around and seeding the lawn. The rain this week was horrible. All week . Wet and cold and just really miserable. I was so excited because the roses and peonies had all exploded and were literally covered with these amazing blossoms. And then the rain came and beat them all into muddy brown pulps. Just sad. I brought some in anyways and they look ridiculous but they still have a nice fragrance so that was a nice suprise. The upside of this weekend was a visit from a dear friend who now lives in Holland. Because of the distance we only get together when work flies her out for meetings in the office that happens to be here. Lucky for us or I'm not sure when I would get to see her. Its always an easy comfortable fit with little to no adjusting back to each other. She and her family hope to move out here in a few years so I am keeping my fingers crossed for that.
I did find a good garage sale which is where I got the fabric above. A woman had bolts and bolts of fabric in her garage she was selling off for $2 per yard. The felt is always nice to have and a steal at that. I bought the white fabric with the little red silohuettes with someone in mind so a yard of it will be getting mailed off. I am trying to get a box of projects and activities put together so that when school gets out we can have a big box of projects ready to go. Maybe designate a day of the week to dive into the box. Im hoping it will make my life a little smoother this summer between trips to the pool.
Speaking of the pool, our neighborhood pool opened this weekend. Its great fun to be able to walk around the corner and swim the afternoon away. It opened yesterday and ,though it was grey and cold and rainy, the kids and hubby got in .(I was out shopping with my friend so I had a good excuse!) We went back today and thankfully the sun is out and it is warming up. Here is the problem: Hubby and I take very seriously our responsibility of raising children who are kind and respectful. We don't have cable, we don't have video games, we are pretty "strict" as one might say. We try hard not to be permissive and to help them make good choices and find that balance between being fun and"the parent". ( Hey, we don't sound like very much fun! I promise we do have a lot of fun!) The problem lies in the fact that we are the least lenient parents on the street. There are tons of kids, which is tons of fun, but the rules for them and the rules for our kids are pretty different. For example, today there were peers of my child throwing a ball back and forth across the long end of the pool. These kids are 7 ish- they don't have complete control over things they throw so people kept getting hit. All the parents of these kids were there- yet not one said anything to prevent a child from imposing themselves on the rest of the folks at the pool. This is one example of the stuff going on today. I tweaks me off when we have to explain to our kids that , no, they can't behave that way, but they see other parents saying its o.k. for their kids to behave that way. I guess the bottom line is we have to stick to our guns (which we will) and keep doing what we think is right for our kids. I think we are doing something right because I see how they are and see little ways where they show compassion or awareness of others and I think we are on the right track. Speaking of kids, its time to snuggle for a little before bed wind down- I love a good snuggle!


Blogger lorinda said...

I thought your "ugh" title was referring to the picture. Not so. Great fabrics! And hang in there. Parenting is definitely not for cowards, and you will not regret the tighter boundaries for your kids--nor will they. I wish all parents lived by the motto, "No one else has to love your kids, so teach them to behave in such a way that others enjoy being around them." ;)

8:32 AM  
Blogger molly | said...

that silhouette fabric is adorable. I'm dreaming of the day I stumble across a garage sale with fabric!!
I completely understand your parenting woes. My husband and I experience the same thing all the time...even within our own family, we're more "uptight" about the things our children say, how they treat people...and others often think we need to relax. trust me, we do lots of relaxing...but anyway, it is difficult to stick to your guns some times, or to see your children seeing other children say or do things that you wouldn't allow...
I completely understand. it is tough sometimes. But like you said, I too, get those little glimpses where I'm so proud of my children's behavior and I know we are doing things right!

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I love those fabrics!

Regarding parenting, you have the same problem I do. I am freaky strict compared to most of my friends, but I think I'm really lenient. When my daughter complains about how other kids are allowed to do certain things, I always say two things:

1. I am a mean, mean mommy. (joke)

2. I am not So-and-so's mommy and I don't make decisions about So-and-so. I am just your mommy.

But we do have cable. Can't do without our Pinky Dinky Doo and Charlie & Lola. ;)

10:09 AM  
Blogger Kristy said...

The fabric is beautiful great find!
As long as we set rules that are fair our children will grow up respecting and understanding those boundaries.My girls know we have a different set of family rules to alot of their friends and visa-versa.Any of their friends are welcome but once in our home they play by our rules.Nobody ,even the little ones , is afraid to point them out!

1:33 AM  
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