Monday, May 22, 2006

All dressed up!


So it is week 6 of whip lash. I am really starting to enjoy this little exercise as it is sending me off in directions I had not anticipated. But now its over! But thankfully I have ideas I have yet to execute that were born of the inspiration I found in whip lash, fodder for future projects.
The theme this week is "color" . How wonderful, I thought, considering my official occupation is "Color Designer" . (yes, its actually a job) especially given that the last few weeks I have been immersed in color as we are ramping up the season. I bought this fabric mainly for the color and the energy of the complementary colors. I have always loved blues and oranges/reds together and this was no exception. I should have taken before shots but its 11: 20 p.m. and time is a wastin' so suffice it to say that the vase and candleholder covered by these cheery little slipcovers are a bit ratty at best. Especially the candle holder. All smeary melted wax. Not attractive. Using the inspiration of the abundance of great big ruffly roses in my garden right now, and the inspiration of that corally colored rose in the right of the shot, I came up with this ruffled complementary colored vase slipcover. And given that this time of year there is nothing nicer than dining alfresco into the wee dark hours of the warm evenings, I made a slipcovered candle holder to go with it. (more of those will be coming as you can't have enough candlelight). So there you have it. A fond adieu to a fun few weeks of projects. The best part has been seeing what everyone has come up with , all with the same starting point. Pretty great stuff out there!


Blogger lorinda said...

Fun colors, Mo. Nicely done!

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So pretty! The colors are wonderful.

7:05 PM  
Blogger Regina said...

I love the ruffles! Very pretty!

7:06 PM  

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