Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thrifty goodness!

We had such a fun day sunday just roaming around, going to different places we can never seem to get to. First we went to Crafty Wonderland and I saw the lovely Stephanie and Mia of littlebirds fame in the flesh. I felt like a stalker! They were at one of the first tables when we walked in and I recognized them both right away and said something like, I know you! I felt like a dork but Stephanie was very gracious! We even got a pincone for L's sewing kit. Then I spied Baby J from shim + sons, but I didn't put two and two together until we got home. What a cutie though, peering out from his baby backpack. Then we went on to Scrap, where people and companies donate whatever leftover things they have and then you can go in and fill a bag or two with these things and go home and make fun art projects. They have everything- fabric, yarn, funny plastic boxes, tins, we even got a few strips of Tazo Tea labels to play with. I also found a yard of Amy Butler fabric from the gypsy caravan line so I was happy with that. Thats been my favorite collection of hers. After that we headed to the Rebuilding center and right down the street was the greatest plant nursery called Pistil. They even had baby chicks to buy and this funny fella walking around. He is like the Liberace of chickens,what with his perfectly coifed curly feathers.

On the way home we spied a garage sale sign and, given our luck with fun finds for the day, we stopped. It was all fabrics and ribbons and buttons. Pretty dreamy!I got to talking to one of the women there and she told me that her friend was dying of ovarian cancer and they were helping her sell her stash. It was a lifetime of crafting supplies, lovingly cared for, all put out to sell. It sort of broke my heart a bit. I reminded me of the story in "Yarn Harlot" where she and her friend go through her other friends yarn stash because her arthritis made it impossible for her to knit anymore. I picked out some of her fabrics and beautiful ribbons (those are them above) to take home and make something to carry on her creative spirit. I buy a lot of craft supplies second hand ,but I seldom know the origin. Its sort of bittersweet to have the whole story.

On another note, here are a pair of the cutest salt and pepper shakers I found thrifting recently. They are nestled in one of the plants we bought at Pistil. Aren't they sweet?


Blogger Strikkelise said...

What a wonderful day it must have been. I wish i were there to go with you.
And what a sad but beautiful story about the sick lady's stash.

10:27 AM  
Blogger Lori said...

Beautiful ribbons and trimmings.... it is a sad story, but they were purchased by someone who appreciates them and will put them to good use. It was great to bump into you on Sunday at the Crafty Wonderland. That will be a regular stop for me once a month.

12:34 PM  

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