Thursday, April 20, 2006

More Bunny love

Here is a familiar face- only now he has his own quilt too. I finally finished Miss D's birthday package. Now her bunny has his own crate and his own quilt. And because I can't send something to one of the girls only, (Im a good aunt!) I painted the little basket next to him for big sister C. Inside are six tiny chicks and their own tiny quilt too. I hope they like their goodies (Im pretty sure they will!).
Speaking of goodies, how nice is that new beautiful begonia? I need to get a few more filler plants and pot that baby up. I have a sort of begonia love affair going on. Can you blame me? So many different and beautiful plants in the same family. Im all abuzz with garden projects. We are going to build a rock patio. Phew, I am tired just thinking about it but how nice will it be to sit out there on summer evenings , feeling the day's heat radiate off the stones. It should look really nice too. More good new on the garden front: the saxifrage wintered over! I never thought that would happen, but yay!
We got our backtack matchups! I was so patient, hoping that I got a spot and then I got the email! I laughed pretty hard at the email where it was noted that apparently the whole city of Portland is back tacking! Oddly, I am backtacking for fellow Portlander and blogland favorite, Alicia at (I have got to figure out that thing where I can just have her name and thats the link- for now this will have to do). I can say I got a little jump in my belly when I read her name- I am so enamored of her crafting prowess that I feel the pressure is on a bit. Of course I felt the same way last back tack when I had a recipient who wasn't so familiar with. I think anytime I make something for someone I want ti to be just perfect. Without giving anything away, I will say that I have been sitting on the nicest piece of black and white italian fabric I bought at a once in a lifetime yardsale two summers ago. I may finally make something out of it given the rules of the game requiring the use of blacks and whites with one tiny color hit. At first this seemed limiting- I am a Color Designer after all, I love color and play with color pretty much daily so I like a lot of it. It feels good to pare down a bit and be able to focus on one clean color popped off of a black and white base. I will also say that we received a children's book from a book order a couple of weeks ago that is serving as good inspiration- I won't say which book though because that would give something away!
Time for bed! Everyone went to sleep pretty well tonight after a long evening of running around the neighborhood getting crazy with the neighbor kids. That is one of my favorite happy things- to have my kids be able to enjoy such a simple pleasure as pals just down the street to play with.


Blogger Samantha said...

The bunny is so sweet - what a kind aunt you are!

9:38 AM  
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