Sunday, March 19, 2006

We're waking up!

Isn't he cute? We got him at a garage sale a couple years back for $2. I think he is the sweetest. It was such an incredible day today. In the 50's , warm, beautiful blue sky. We spent the day outside and I felt like layers of grey winter crustiness just kept peeling off and it just felt so good to just be. We planted lettuce and pansies in the front planter box. I did this last year and it was so nice to have lots of yummy sald through May. Then it all comes out because by then the leaves have come in on the tree in fron of it and its too shady for lettuce. At that point the begonias go in. Heres the whole lettuce walkway. I love to have the little happy faced pansies greet our guests on the way to the door.

I had so much fun planting- I put in a new limelight hydrangea, another hydrangea from a friend (not sure what color) and a white bleeding heart. Then I pulled weeds. And pulled weeds and pulled weeds. I kept uncovering little suprises and it was like seeing old friends. I was so happy to see this sweet little alchemillia peeking up its accordion leaves. Crap. Blogger wont let me post any more pictures. Well, I guess they will have to wait until tomorrow. Besides, Grey's anatomy is on and Im hooked. And I stiff and sore from my first day in the yard so I am going to go sit on my can and enjoy!


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