Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Good finds!

I needed some eyelet yesterday for the cowgirl skirts I am making for M and her cousin for her cousin's b-day. -Cowgirl skirts because they are having horses brought in for the party. Horses in Seattle in a neighborhood with pretty narrow streets and swanky houses. The kids are pretty excited so cowgirl skirts it is. At any rate, I found the eyelet, and this cute fabric:

Not sure what they will be, but really, so cute. We were on the way out the door- M had charmed the staff with her "good news" about how "Nana's kitty is staying with us for forty years!" (or a week in adult time) and we were just about out and then I saw this:

Its the nicest cotton voile. Airstreams! Those funny trees! 2 1/2 yards later I think Miss M will have the cutest cropped pants or sundress- maybe both! So I will put that on the project pile for when the skirts are done.


Blogger Stephanie said...

Great finds on all the fabric! I love that last one especially. I wish my Joann had better selections :(.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Lori said...

Fabulous, fabulous fabric!!! I'm ordering some today. ... like I need any more fabric

8:57 AM  
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