Friday, March 24, 2006

The new me!

I think we probably all have body parts that we identify with- that are dominant features that sort of define us in a way. For me its my hair. I have always had long curly hair. I usually end up putting it up a lot because its big and curly but if I wore it down, it always got comments. Which was funny to me because half of the time I felt like it was just this big wad of hair on my head! At any rate, probably due to this to some extent, I have always had this security blanket of big hair and I have always been a little nervous of not having all this hair. And lately it has really been getting so long . It also happens to be the month of the two year anniversary of my sweet baby girl's open heart surgery. Aside from all the the feelings of relief and joy that she was finally better, the feelings I have about that time are overshadowed by the complete sadness of being in a place where sick children were. Sleeping at the hospital and spending a lot of time there, you meet people and see their kids and realize how incredibly lucky we were that all she needed was open heart surgery. My girl is amazingly well now-better than new, I like to say. The first year anniversary we took a bunch of books and videos for the hospital library. This year though, I went to the salon, and my stylist took that lush carpet of brown curls living on my head, put them in two ponytails and lopped them off right below my ears! Then we put them in a bag and they are on their way to Locks of Love. It was something small that I could do. I can grow hair , and there are so many beautiful little girls (and boys) that can't. There is also something to be said about the fear and sadness that can overwhelm a parent when their child is struggling . It makesme tear up just to think about it. Mom to Mom, this felt really good. Whenever I catch my reflection, I am still a little stunned- and when I run my hand through the tiny peices of hair at the nape of my neck, it just makes me smile. I just feel happy that I did this. Not only because I feel like it was the right thing to do, but because I was able to put my vanity in the right space. On one hand, its only hair! But to someone who can't grow their own ,or have the finances to allow them to buy it, its a lot more.
Now for the crafty part of this post! I have one skirt down and one to go! M and her cousin are geting matching skirts for her cousin's birthday. It turned out pretty cute if I do say so. This fabric is so charming!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

We're waking up!

Isn't he cute? We got him at a garage sale a couple years back for $2. I think he is the sweetest. It was such an incredible day today. In the 50's , warm, beautiful blue sky. We spent the day outside and I felt like layers of grey winter crustiness just kept peeling off and it just felt so good to just be. We planted lettuce and pansies in the front planter box. I did this last year and it was so nice to have lots of yummy sald through May. Then it all comes out because by then the leaves have come in on the tree in fron of it and its too shady for lettuce. At that point the begonias go in. Heres the whole lettuce walkway. I love to have the little happy faced pansies greet our guests on the way to the door.

I had so much fun planting- I put in a new limelight hydrangea, another hydrangea from a friend (not sure what color) and a white bleeding heart. Then I pulled weeds. And pulled weeds and pulled weeds. I kept uncovering little suprises and it was like seeing old friends. I was so happy to see this sweet little alchemillia peeking up its accordion leaves. Crap. Blogger wont let me post any more pictures. Well, I guess they will have to wait until tomorrow. Besides, Grey's anatomy is on and Im hooked. And I stiff and sore from my first day in the yard so I am going to go sit on my can and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Good finds!

I needed some eyelet yesterday for the cowgirl skirts I am making for M and her cousin for her cousin's b-day. -Cowgirl skirts because they are having horses brought in for the party. Horses in Seattle in a neighborhood with pretty narrow streets and swanky houses. The kids are pretty excited so cowgirl skirts it is. At any rate, I found the eyelet, and this cute fabric:

Not sure what they will be, but really, so cute. We were on the way out the door- M had charmed the staff with her "good news" about how "Nana's kitty is staying with us for forty years!" (or a week in adult time) and we were just about out and then I saw this:

Its the nicest cotton voile. Airstreams! Those funny trees! 2 1/2 yards later I think Miss M will have the cutest cropped pants or sundress- maybe both! So I will put that on the project pile for when the skirts are done.