Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine Kitties

Here are the valentine cats I made for L and M. I gave M hers and she was like, oh, thanks! and L was hugging it and saying how it was the best present he's ever gotten. M's is up here on the chair still but L has his with him. He is the supreme lover of all things snuggly! I got to help out at his party at school today and there is always such reassurance after I see so many kids in his class are even more "listening challenged" then he is! The teacher gave them some simple instructions and they all milled about aimlessly. It was actually really funny to watch. All these little ones completely unknowing what to do even though they were just given clear concise intructions! I will chalk it up to Valentines distraction even though I know a little better! Speaking of, I hear them breaking into their candy stash- better go make sure they dont make themselves sick!


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