Wednesday, February 01, 2006

cute find!

I found this little beauty awhile ago at an estate sale. I love her crazy hair. This idea is so cute- the skirt of her dress is made with little crayon pockets that go all the way around. I think about how many crayons my kids have. It seems like back when she was made, people did with so much less- things were so much less disposable. It makes me sort of sad that things are not that way still. Though by the looks of how many magazines I have under my bed, its obvious I like to have choices and amass things!
Its been a weird week though i finally feel like I am finding some equillibrium again. Last thursday while out with my great girlfriends I ate something- not sure what- but I had an allergic reaction to it. My throat started to swell up and my whole body just felt wrong. Long story short, I got to ride in an ambulance and then got lots of drugs that made me feel crabby and pretty much useless all weekend. Still don't know what I ate but will find out on the 10th. My girlfriends were so great- taking care of me - I do feel bad we had our longawaited fun night out cut very short! The good thing to come out of this is that my sweet boy, who is so allergic to dairy , told me he was happy because, "Now Im not all alone" The only boy who can't eat at school, the only boy who has to carry all his drugs around ,the only boy who has to bring his own cupcakes to birthday parties. Always the only one. I had him pick out fabric so I can make us his and her epi pen cases so they don't get mixed up in my backpack. So I guess thats the silver lining.
It didn't rain today. I could cry it felt so good to be outside!


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