Monday, January 09, 2006


Does that last post really say October??!!! I knew things had been nuts but I hadnt realized for how long! Well, I am just wrapping up another season of Freelance work and am glad to ahve a little break. The holidays with Froy and Olo were a complete sucess and I am so thrilled about that- despite the sleepness nights and woriking round the clock to keep up with frrelance and F&O. All of that nuttiness paled in comparrison to all that has been going on with my dear sweet Mom in law. I could go on and on and on about it but I will make a long story short. In mid November they found a tumor. They have since removed it entirely but not without of lot of pain and discomfort, and a fair amount of bungling. She went in the hospital around thanksgiving and just left last week to go to a nursing home for a couple of weeks. Theoretically this is supposed to be a level of care greater than what could be provided at home but not as intensive as the hospital. After a week of her being there we realized we could have hired a couple of monkeys or a six year old wil lng to work for candy and she would have received better care. Now we are trying to get her released so she can go home for the first time in alomost two months!! So ,as you can see, the holidays were somewhat less jolly this year- atleast until the part where we heard they got all the cancer.
I have photos to show but I have to get them onto my computer so that willhave to wait until next time. Time for snacks and snuggles so I am outta here!


Blogger Lori said...

I'm so glad your Mom-in-Law is out of the hospital and hopefully on her way home soon. I missed your blogs.... welcome back!

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