Friday, January 20, 2006

So cute!

This little cabinet belonged to my sister and I when we were wee. It was a lovely (ok , not very lovely) shade of rust. It was at my mom's house and I asked if I could have it and paint it for M for christmas and I got the go ahead. I took her to the paint store and had her pick out a color- without knowing what it was for. Then I painted it up and put it in her room. Knowing I was doing this, my mom bought her the cutest set of dishes for christmas. Last year I gave her a Royal Albert "Old country Roses" tea set and now that set is housed in this little cabinet too. She has a table and chairs in her room and I put a tablecloth on the table and it all looks so cute. Old Country Roses was my Grandma's favorite pattern . It is also my mom in law's favorite pattern so itmakes me happy to see it in there. I am happy to say, the whole thing has been a huge hit with both kids and I am happy to see the little cabinet that I loved so much, now belonging to my kids. My beautiful Grandma, (the same one who favors the Old Country Roses pattern) gave it to us. She was and is such a force in my life . I tell L how she watches over him . Maya and I both have her name as our middle name. She taught me to sew and now I am teaching my kids to sew. She was an incredible strong woman and even though she passed away 12 years ago, I still miss her so much. Everyone should feel as loved as I always felt by her.