Friday, October 14, 2005

well hello!

Wow, Im almost embarrased how long its been since my last post, and I am embarassed that I have yet to post photos of the beautiful gifties that cam as part of spoil a blogger and secret pal 6! I let one pal know how fantastic everything was and the other pal's email address is lost and so I have yet to thank her. This is what came: yummy yummy lotion and other yummy bath products with a fantastic eye mask. She has never even seen me, yet she knows I have huge bags under my eyes? I literally opened the package and went directly upstairs, sniffint the stuff the whole way and put it all to use on the spot! The theme was "sps" and ,boy, did I need it! The lotion is gone and I am trying to be frugal with the other bath products . I so seldomly feel like a girl anytime lately that it really was so appreciated. Thank you!!
Secret pal 6 sent me a knitting book of Louisa Harding, who is one of my faves and it was a book I didn't have ! I actually have two projects going out of another Louisa H book right now and I have my eye on one in the new book for when I finish those! She also sent some Burt's Bees stuff which is one of my favorites! I had to laugh, because she also sent the very same candy bar from See's (my favorite!) that I had bought for David that morning . David doesnt know this, but it was the only way he ended up with the one I bought him! And some beautiful stitch markers to boot! So all in all , a pretty fabulous haul! And now I am looking at the calendar and I am due to get my packages out for October! Oh, I actually have a couple of weeks but you know those will disapear!
I am really gearing up for my first card party next weekend. David's sister is throwing it for me. We invited about 65 ,and I am really curious how many will come. She is out of town for a few days so I don't imagine I will get any updates on rsvp's until about tuesday. I have been so busy making cards, designing all the new holiday etc, and getting my mega 200 contribution done for home of the sampler. And trudging through the quaggy mire that is self promotion. I have been hitting it hard and have wrangled some pr for the holiday season. I contacted a woman at to be considered for her "25 days of Christmas" thing coming out in Nov. and she emailed me right back with lots of great compliments and told me she put me up as "site of the week" that day!! I was thrilled as it was really unexpected and she was so complimentary. It really came at such a good time. Plus, I will be in the 25 days of christmas too! Yay!
I am still waiting to hear form the interview from two weeks ago. She said it would be atleast two weeks until I heard something so Im not too worried, but then I am a little worried. Worried I will get the job, and worried I wont! Change is hard!
Time to go glitter some more cards!


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