Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sneak peek!

Yikes, I hope this looks better on your screen! In real life the colors are really beautiful. Its a sneak peek for my back tack. What you cant see in that dark corner is a beautiful dark eggplanty felt and a piece from a sweater of the same color that I got at the goodwill for $1.19 and felted! I want it to feel really fally and texturey. The top floral piece is a piece of burnout to layer on top. The deadline is fast approaching and I am antsy to get things started. BUT FIRST...

I am busy busy busy prepping for this weekend's "Cocktails and Correspondence "party in Seattle. The idea is that I will bring lots of beautiful sparkly paper goodies and my sister in law will bring lots of sparkly friends and neighbors, we will ply them with liquor and I will sell all of my stuff and take mucho orders to boot! Oh, and those are my famous chocolate chip cookies. I think they would look better if they weren't sitting in all of that grease! The good news is that we will all eat that much less greasyness because so much of it soaks into the paper. That way you can eat 6 instead of just 3 before you feel sick! Truth be told, I am nervous for this weekend. Its unsettling to feel sort of all out there for everyone to see. I usually do this sort of thing with other people too and we always hire people to deal with the money so I am insulated from the actual process of people buying (affirming) or not buying (feeling like you suck!) But the past shows have been pretty good so heres hoping!
I would probably feel a bit more prepared and gung ho if I wasn't so tired from sleepless nights taking care of sweet L, who has pneumonia. Poor guy. Its that stupid asthma. It brings out the mama bear. I just want to protect him and keep him healthy. (both of them really)

Time for dinner! Hopefully I will have something to show for back tack progress (like finished product!) soon. I have done all the shopping for the bag contents so thats something!


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Hi Mo, thanks for joining the swap. Look forward to it. will send details soon :)

1:04 AM  
Blogger dixie said...

oh I see you joined one of Ms. Robyn's many swaps. I have been peaking around your blog, I just love the name. Post some of the goodies that you are selling, so we can see.

5:04 PM  
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