Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Here it is!

And so here, after much ado, is my backtack! I was so excited to wrap it all up and send it off. And even though I am feeling a little crunched for time these days, there was something so nice about having a sewing project to do. So here is the finished product.

I used a dark maroonie felt , lucious cotton candy pink silk, and that great velvet burnout that I just want yards and yards of. The bamboo handles are meant to lighten the whole thing up and keep it fun. The flowers on the back, the "H" on the pincushion and the flower on the tape measure cover were all done by cutting shapes into the felt, putting the silk behind it and sewing around the shape. I love the way it looks. The lining is so yummy and pink. The pocket inside is trimmed with this fat rickrack with a piece of velvet ribbon over it. Its a happy bag! Just in case she is stalking, I am going to wait and post the contents after she receives it. I haven't heard from my backtacker for a long time so I hope she didn't forget. The good news is though, that I had so much fun putting all this together that I have already thoroughly enjoyed the whole backtack project. I hope she loves it!
I really hate driving- passenging too. I have soem anxiety about long car trips so for this Seattle trip I decided to take some knitting to keep me distracted. It worked. I really did find that focusing elsewhere was a good idea. Especially the drive back ,which was trafficy and no visibility due to all the crappy rain and greyness. It took me so long to just cast on the 355 stitches . Its a skirt for M. I did a ruffley hem where you cast on 4 times the number of stitches you need and then decrease by half the next two rows until you end up with the number of stitches you need. The circular needles kept looping around on themselves and I was a bit woozy from being a tad car sick . After a long time of slowly getting through all this, it really looked liek I had screwed up my knitting by knitting a stitch in the wrong direction b4ecause it kept looping around. Good news- I did just fine and now its just some easy knitting in a circle and before you know it, M will have a new skirt. Im excited. Its so soft too! Take a gander at this:

Tonight's post does have a color story doesn't it! On another unrelated note, I have yet to hear back from the interview Ihad four weeks ago tomorrow. I can't decide if thats good or bad. (ok deep down, I dont think its necessarily good...) I do know that the woman I interviewed with has been out of town a ton. I hope they are just busy. I really have let this one go and decide whatever happens, is whatever happens. On a happy note, the show at my sis in laws house this weekend was great. Not a huge turnout, but a good turnout with plenty of orders. Everyone was really nice and it was a fun crowd. Time to get ready for the next one! But now Im off to bed!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


So in case you don't speak 6 year old writing, The above says, " I carved a pumpkin" and the very sight of it makes me feel weepy! His brain is unfolding in such amazing ways and I am so blown away that I get to witness it all. Being a mom is like this magical present I get to open every single day! sigh.... drunk on momma love.
(fanfare noises go here) I finished my backtack!!! I am so excited 1. to have finished! 2. that it will be on time afterall and 3. that I like it!!! I will post photos tommorow. I had a little chuckle today though when upon stalking my receipient's blog, noticed that the bag she made for her backtack buddy is essentially the same colorway that I made for her! This has got to mean that its colors she likes! I am going to go ahead and post all my photos of bag and goodies because i figure if she is a backtack blog stalker (like me) then let her have a little preview. On second thought, maybe I dont want her to have any sneak peeks... I will think about this! Time for bed!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sneak peek!

Yikes, I hope this looks better on your screen! In real life the colors are really beautiful. Its a sneak peek for my back tack. What you cant see in that dark corner is a beautiful dark eggplanty felt and a piece from a sweater of the same color that I got at the goodwill for $1.19 and felted! I want it to feel really fally and texturey. The top floral piece is a piece of burnout to layer on top. The deadline is fast approaching and I am antsy to get things started. BUT FIRST...

I am busy busy busy prepping for this weekend's "Cocktails and Correspondence "party in Seattle. The idea is that I will bring lots of beautiful sparkly paper goodies and my sister in law will bring lots of sparkly friends and neighbors, we will ply them with liquor and I will sell all of my stuff and take mucho orders to boot! Oh, and those are my famous chocolate chip cookies. I think they would look better if they weren't sitting in all of that grease! The good news is that we will all eat that much less greasyness because so much of it soaks into the paper. That way you can eat 6 instead of just 3 before you feel sick! Truth be told, I am nervous for this weekend. Its unsettling to feel sort of all out there for everyone to see. I usually do this sort of thing with other people too and we always hire people to deal with the money so I am insulated from the actual process of people buying (affirming) or not buying (feeling like you suck!) But the past shows have been pretty good so heres hoping!
I would probably feel a bit more prepared and gung ho if I wasn't so tired from sleepless nights taking care of sweet L, who has pneumonia. Poor guy. Its that stupid asthma. It brings out the mama bear. I just want to protect him and keep him healthy. (both of them really)

Time for dinner! Hopefully I will have something to show for back tack progress (like finished product!) soon. I have done all the shopping for the bag contents so thats something!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

performance anxiety!

First of all, I didn't proof read my last post so it is chock full o' typos! I never did learn to type without looking at the keys and I try, but not that hard!
So I am trying to figure out my backtack bag ! I have all the goodies to put inside, but the bag eludes me. There are so many sites with such great stuff on them that it makes a girl feel a little shy about it all! I am excited to get started though. i am retty sure I narrowed down the fabric so atleast I am that far! It could change though...
I am trying to get all the Froy and Olo holiday stuff finished and added to the site asap. Phew. Lots of work, but fun so thats good. Im outta here to go do something crafty.

Friday, October 14, 2005

well hello!

Wow, Im almost embarrased how long its been since my last post, and I am embarassed that I have yet to post photos of the beautiful gifties that cam as part of spoil a blogger and secret pal 6! I let one pal know how fantastic everything was and the other pal's email address is lost and so I have yet to thank her. This is what came: yummy yummy lotion and other yummy bath products with a fantastic eye mask. She has never even seen me, yet she knows I have huge bags under my eyes? I literally opened the package and went directly upstairs, sniffint the stuff the whole way and put it all to use on the spot! The theme was "sps" and ,boy, did I need it! The lotion is gone and I am trying to be frugal with the other bath products . I so seldomly feel like a girl anytime lately that it really was so appreciated. Thank you!!
Secret pal 6 sent me a knitting book of Louisa Harding, who is one of my faves and it was a book I didn't have ! I actually have two projects going out of another Louisa H book right now and I have my eye on one in the new book for when I finish those! She also sent some Burt's Bees stuff which is one of my favorites! I had to laugh, because she also sent the very same candy bar from See's (my favorite!) that I had bought for David that morning . David doesnt know this, but it was the only way he ended up with the one I bought him! And some beautiful stitch markers to boot! So all in all , a pretty fabulous haul! And now I am looking at the calendar and I am due to get my packages out for October! Oh, I actually have a couple of weeks but you know those will disapear!
I am really gearing up for my first card party next weekend. David's sister is throwing it for me. We invited about 65 ,and I am really curious how many will come. She is out of town for a few days so I don't imagine I will get any updates on rsvp's until about tuesday. I have been so busy making cards, designing all the new holiday etc, and getting my mega 200 contribution done for home of the sampler. And trudging through the quaggy mire that is self promotion. I have been hitting it hard and have wrangled some pr for the holiday season. I contacted a woman at to be considered for her "25 days of Christmas" thing coming out in Nov. and she emailed me right back with lots of great compliments and told me she put me up as "site of the week" that day!! I was thrilled as it was really unexpected and she was so complimentary. It really came at such a good time. Plus, I will be in the 25 days of christmas too! Yay!
I am still waiting to hear form the interview from two weeks ago. She said it would be atleast two weeks until I heard something so Im not too worried, but then I am a little worried. Worried I will get the job, and worried I wont! Change is hard!
Time to go glitter some more cards!