Sunday, September 04, 2005


Im still in that place where my brain is always half thinking of the tragedy in the south. The tradgedy of the hurricane and the tragedy of the bungled response. I can't help but think about how in disbelief those poor people must have felt ,when day after day, there was nothing for them. And if I hear one more idiot go on about how "they should have left before the storm" I will scream. Scream at them that you don't know what they thought or what they heard or what little to no resources they had to "just leave" . One fundamental thing I try to always keep in my head is to remember that you might think you know but you dont really truly know what a person goes through unless you have been there. And even then, shut your piehole. There is just too much sitting on our big fat asses pointing fingers because we certainly all must have it all figured out. So yes, Im still angry . and sad. And very very relieved to know that my friends from Hattiesburg, MS and Cutoff ,LA are all as ok as they can be given all that has happened. Listening to Christy tell of waiting the storm out clutching her babies in a dark hallway listening to all the trees in her neighborhood uproot and fall (get thrown) to the ground- unbelievable. Miraculously, their house was boxed in by trees on every side but not a single one fell on their house. It took Rodney five hours waiting in line to buy a chain saw that he had to lug home on his bike just so they could cut the trees away from the garage so they could get out. He has continued all week to use that chainsaw to help neighbors and other folks because there are so many many trees down. I read today that they are bring displaced people all the way here. I can't imagine- you lose your home and end up somewhere clear across the country. Atleast I know the people here are wonderful and nice and will take these people in with open arms. We oregonians are a friendly bunch.
Otherwise, things here are moving along. L is starting kindergarten on tuesday. He is so excited- counting the days. I am excited too but a part of me just wants to hold him and bury my face in his neck and not let him go! I try not to let that on to him- i rearranged his room and we painted a desk for him so he can feel like the bigger boy he is. This is why people go off and have more babies. Don't worry- Im not that freaked out by it all!
On a happy fun note, I got my spoil a blogger package in the mail! I was so happy to have some fun mail. I am going to put a photo on tomorrow or the next day. I just need to get the camera together. It was all wrapped in the softest towel though. I am going to make it into something but what? Time to go get some work done while the house is quiet.


Blogger Leslie said...

Thank goodness your friends are A-OK! And how nice of him to help out w/ his chainsaw!

And there are kids out here in SoCal too -- transported all the way from N.O. It makes me very sad.

And little Allie starts tomorrow too...I'm feeling A LOT like how you described in your post. I'm excited, and a little sad at the same time! I hope Mr. L had a grand time.....I'm sure he did!!!

I'll e-mail you after our big day tomorrow! :)

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