Thursday, August 25, 2005

Check out my goodies!

Getting fun mail is one thing- getting unexpected just because mail is another! Leslie from sent me these lovely goodies today! I have to say the timing of the little zipper bag is so perfect because I have been cursing not having one on several recent occasions when I just don't want to drag my whole eight pound wallet with me. (not that it is so full of money that it weighs eight pounds- its just mostly misc. papers and receipts and what not). The cards are shiny and heavy weight and beautiful! The really big hit though was the bookplate stickers for the kids. We all flipped out over them and I had to sneak the little ones away so that one may actually find its way into a book! It also answered the question of what to get some of our little freinds for the holidays. They are so charming!
I found a website and it is all discount stuff. I found the cutest turqouise roper boots with floral embroidery for M. I can't wait to get them! $19.95 from $70. I love a bargain!
I decided that if I am going to stay sane ( a very fine line right now) I need to take time to go out walking by myself atleast four or five days a week. So yesterday I took off after David got home from work. We have a trail right by our house and it was really empty and so nice. The trail is flanked by tons of wild weeds etc. including tons of blackberries. It wasn't long before walking turned into standing and I just kept popping those full of afternoon heat berries into my mouth. There is nothing better. I laugh at Daria in North Carolina when she talks about how hard she tries to grow blackberries and I spend most of my summer ripping them out of everywhere! They are so perfect right now. Just one of those great Oregon things. The schools are going to pot but the weedy berries are heaven!


Blogger Lauren said...

First of all let me say that I adore the paper princess! Her things are so cute. And I love the skirt you made...what a clever idea to sew napkins together...but perhaps I should post there. I really like your blog!

7:36 AM  
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