Thursday, August 25, 2005

Check out my goodies!

Getting fun mail is one thing- getting unexpected just because mail is another! Leslie from sent me these lovely goodies today! I have to say the timing of the little zipper bag is so perfect because I have been cursing not having one on several recent occasions when I just don't want to drag my whole eight pound wallet with me. (not that it is so full of money that it weighs eight pounds- its just mostly misc. papers and receipts and what not). The cards are shiny and heavy weight and beautiful! The really big hit though was the bookplate stickers for the kids. We all flipped out over them and I had to sneak the little ones away so that one may actually find its way into a book! It also answered the question of what to get some of our little freinds for the holidays. They are so charming!
I found a website and it is all discount stuff. I found the cutest turqouise roper boots with floral embroidery for M. I can't wait to get them! $19.95 from $70. I love a bargain!
I decided that if I am going to stay sane ( a very fine line right now) I need to take time to go out walking by myself atleast four or five days a week. So yesterday I took off after David got home from work. We have a trail right by our house and it was really empty and so nice. The trail is flanked by tons of wild weeds etc. including tons of blackberries. It wasn't long before walking turned into standing and I just kept popping those full of afternoon heat berries into my mouth. There is nothing better. I laugh at Daria in North Carolina when she talks about how hard she tries to grow blackberries and I spend most of my summer ripping them out of everywhere! They are so perfect right now. Just one of those great Oregon things. The schools are going to pot but the weedy berries are heaven!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Did you see...

Wow, jail must have been good to Martha. She looks great on the cover of her latest issue. Its probably trhe first time ever that she had to slow down a bit. Those are the hydrangeas I was talking about. The other thing I have been doing is "efficiency sewing" I just dont have a lot of time to sew right now so I took some cute on sale napkins I found at Aprill cornell and made them into a skirt. I used four napkins- two of two different patterns so it would be really full. I think it turned out so cute and the best parts are that it took so little time and the napkins are stain resistant so that helps! Off to go work now!

Friday, August 19, 2005


I sat down to do some internetting and checked my Froy and Olo email and there was an order! Its always so exciting to find an email saying not only does someone like what you do, they already gave you money! Im enjoying this whole having a website thing.
We went to the pool tonight and had a great time. We were the loud laughy family and we just couldn't be quiet or stop laughing no matter what. Last week there wer a few nights where all the kids on the street came out and played and the parents lolled around laughing and enjoying the summer evening as much as the kids. I just think it doesn't get much better than that. David and I still marvel at how serindipitous it was for us to get this house in this neighborhood on this street. Cool neighbor Bob came over tohelp us with an electrical problem. We really need to have them over for dinner. He made us this amazing crab feast a few months ago. The whole great evening was topped off by our boy barfing NEXT to the toilet- couldn't quite make it! They were so gracious about it! We owe them double!
David and I were talking about pumpkin fest 2005- the culmination of a summer's worth of pumpkin coddling and crap talking about whose gourd is the biggest. I thought the perfect dessert would be smores on the barbecue. I found these fancy graham crackers and homemade marshmallows at the local chi chi foodstore. Now we just have to pick a date.
After our swim I puttered around cutting the non crispy hydrangeas. The ones that managed to snuggle into the bush a bit away from the beating sun, have deepened from a common (but still pretty ) blue to the most amazing luminous earthy green. I just love it. They feel really vintage and special. And good news on the hydrangea front: the one that David mowed over in an attempt to get out of weed pulling has survived! It has come back quite a bit and it looks pretty impressive given it was nothing but a few sticks in the ground a month ago. The other good news is he brought me a new limelight hydrangea to replace the one he mowed before it had come back to life. I love this time of year with the japanese anenomes blooming and veggies for the picking.
Better go get working on that order so I can mail it on monday. I also have a corporate invite project this weekend. I told them we should do a classy pop up and they love the idea. Then they told me, oh not 30 or 40 cards like we had planned, but 100 cards. And can we have them in a little less than two weeks. uh oh.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fun things

I got an email from my secret pal tonight. I had sort of forgotten about it so it was a nice surprise. I, being a touch technically challenged (ironic as that is for as much time as i spend on my mac) I set up a supposedly anonnymous account on yahoo. Well long story short (ok , not that long of a story) when I sent her an email, it had my name in bold in front of my secret email address. How stupid is that? Or how stupid am I? At any rate, she knows my name so I hope she will pretend im still a big secret til the end of it all! Think I will send her a card in the snail mail tomorrow. Without my name on it!
Lovely Leslie of tagged me with five idiosyncratic things I do meme. I have to limit it to just five of the odd things I do?
1. If no one blesses me when I sneeze I bless myself.
2. I check the doors and windows about five times before I will go to sleep
3. I am obsessive about germs and use those disposable wipes even though I think they are wasteful . You really dont need e-coli twice.
4. I wake up every morning promising to go to bed earlier that night and I NEVER do-even though I really believe I will.
5.I have to make the bed every morning when I get up or I just dont feel right.

So there you go. I had a good one for #3 but I read it to David and he cringed and got really judgemental about it so I deleted it. He can be such a stick in the mud.

Time for bed. If I go now and hurry , I will be going to bed earlier- though not as much as I think I should. Nightie night!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Im back!

I actually hadn't left... Just so busy. Every summer I envision lolling around the pool, going for long walks, eating ice cream, relaxing. Then summer comes and its non stop and nuts from start to finish. We have had lots of fun, and there has been lots of work. I managed toi finally gewt the site up for Froy and Olo ( I found a great webguy and he whipped it into shape in no time. I knew exactly what I wanted- i just need someone to help make it work. If I can't even figure oiut how to get photos on this thing, I think an actual e commerce site is beyond my reach!
I did get my spoil a blogger spoilee the other day. I had sort of forgotten that this was coming so it was a fun surprise. I guess there is a spoiler lurking around out there trying to get the digs on me and this sparsely posted blog is no help! So here are my spoil a blogger questions:
What is your favorite color? Not one to play favorites, I like all the blues, greens and pinks the best.
What is your favorite scent? I love floral scents i.e. roses, plumerias ,jasmine, tuberose and banana boat aloe vera which I will be slathering on tonight for my sun itchy skin!
Where is your favorite place to vacation? Im a maui girl or central oregon (high desert)
Do you collect anything? Lately I am collecting vintage fabrics- heck all fabrics. I love Amy Butler and Kaffe Fasset. And velvet ribbons.
Do you have a favorite tv show? This can be potentially humiliating- right now I find "so you think you can dance" riveting. I also love Malcom in the middle , arrested development , and shark week on the discover channel. I dont think sharks are cruel mindless killing machines though. Its the food chain.
Are you crafty?
Yep. I like to do it all. Sewing, drawing, beading, knitting. The latest thing on my list is I want to learn to crochet.
Do you have kids? 2 beautiful amazing ones.
Do you have pets? One black hamster named Carrot that likes his tummy rubbed. Odd behavior for prey, dont you think?
What kind of movies do you like? I like all but sad, depressing, evil scary violent ones. My top favorites right now are "Finding Neverland " which was incredible , "The Notebook" Oh, the crying, "The Color Purple"," Fried Green Tomatoes"
What kind of music do you listen to?Right now I cant put the new Jason Mraz away. I like all kinds though. I love brazilian, latin, bossa nova.
What kind of books do you like to read? Read? I dont read anymore. Sad but true. I love reading and when I read all I want to do is read so it is on hold until I have less to do!I love magazines though. Thats my reading.
Do you have a favorite magazine?I love Home Companion (much to my surprise) This Old House, Shape, Self, People
What is your favorite weekend activity? Letting it roll out naturally- having a plan or two but really just doing things we feel like doing. A day trip to play frisbee golf, a day at the beach. Just uninterupted good ole family time. And anything spa related.(when I need a break from good ole family time!)And gardening.
What kind of work do you do?I am chief illustrator and founder of Froy and Olo. Along with that I do freelance design work. Specifically, I am a color designer. I color shoes for big footwear companies. Yes, it really is a job.
What do you do for fun? Swim, go walk, knit, sew, draw, laugh with my kids, hang out at farmers market, bake pie, garden

So thats me in a nutshell. It is so hot here tonight. It hit 100 today and the house just won't let all of the soaked in heat go. I wonder if its going to be hot again tomorrow?
Now I am going to try to add a lovely picture of a pot from Aimee's house (a favorite friend ) She and Unky D (her hubby) have the touch with the flora for sure. I need to get me some of those ghost ferns. Until next time...

Hey! I did it! I put the photo on at the top!