Thursday, June 02, 2005

Oh that wasn't very nice

David brought home reeses peanut butter cups (at my request) He brought the king size home- I had one earlier and then he had one and then I ate the remaining two while he was busy doing something else. Im hormonally primed to not leave chocolate bits just laying around and he must know that. Still, I feel guilty having cheated him out of his fair share. They were pretty good, for corporate candy.
Things around here are moving right along. I had an "up " day today, where I felt positive and focused. Yesterday was a down day for sure where I felt panicked and edgy. I did find some irony when, at the peak of my frustration , Jehovah's witnesses came to the door and left me a booklet that said something on the cover like ,"living with all stress in your life" Something to that effect. Coincedence? Im not so sure. It atleast got me to slow down a little and take a breath and get off that crazy panic train.
My panic comes from not having work and not having worked since december. Dont get me wrong, I am enjoying myself. But this cant last forever. I am trying so hard to get my business going and I have made great strides but great strides aren't going to immediatly pay the mortgage. I think they will help down the road for sure though.
My two fun things this week business wise, were discovering a forum and community for people like me- entreprenurial types who like to make stuff. Its been a wealth of info and inspiration. Secondly, looks like plans are laid so my website will be getting built in a couple of weeks. With any luck it will be up in time for my birthday- June 26. I hope thats enough time. I willbe so excited to have it.
Time to go and relax a little and lay around and rub this belly full o' chocolate and peanut butter. I finished my month of softies bag and now I just want to make more so maybe thats what I'll do. Cant sit still for too long!


Blogger Leslie said...

Hi Mo!
You are the FOURTH person that I know who has that same birthday! :)

And starting up is slow, I'm sure, but your business will do well! From what I hear the switchboards are fantabulous to gather and exchange ideas!

10:52 AM  
Blogger sweethc said...

I don't know how you even let him have one of those peanutbutter cups. I can not manage to share them. Especially if they are fresh!!

8:49 AM  
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