Saturday, June 25, 2005

Lame-o blogger

I really do have better intentions for this blog! My hubby had the week off and I had intended to do all sorts of things I didnt get to. I did, however, get to lots of things I didn't expect to get to. I had a great week or two with orders coming in from unexpected sources. This made me happy. It also made me tired because I had lots to do. The good news is that I have managed to send most of what I need to to Ruth my web designer. Hubby had a great laugh when I told him I had gotten an email from her asking, kindly, if I could stop doing her job. Truth is, Im detail OBSESSED and so used to doing it all myself, its tough to let go. I had to hear it and kudos to her for being able to say it.
Meanwhile, I just want to make something. I went to April Cornell and bought the cutest vintagey looking napkins on big sale. I got two each of two different designs and I am going to make a quick and darling skirt for M. Its half sewn- I should be able to do this. We'll see!
Its my birthday tomorrow. Big 3-6. It feels sort of like my birthday and sort of not. My lovely friend Beth had a fantastic party for me and her mom ( we share a birthday). I always say Beth could feed the world- she is so nurturing and loving. She made quite the spread of pork chops and shrimp /tomato kebabs and salads and all sorts of yummy things. The best part though was my favorite cake- Banana whip cream cake. I dont eat it very often at all but I do enjoy it a ton! It was a great night about a week ago so I sort of feel like I already had a birthday. I'll take another though. I think we may do the zoo , or go swimming . I do have a date with an extremely handsome and snuggly boy for Shark boy and Lava girl. Should be a great day.
Im off to bed ! Im older now- gotta get my beauty rest! Mo


Blogger Lori-Lyn said...

Happy Birthday!!
That skirt sounds so cute, I can't wait to see it. I love the fabrics in April Cornell.
Have a great day!!

7:23 AM  

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