Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm so brave!

I am posting this in the living room with The Beautiful White Carpet. And Im eating spahghetti with tomato sauce in here too. I think Im brave but if I stain The Beautiful White Carpet I'll be pissed! Whats a gal with two wee ones and a husband who is ,ahem, "relaxed" about his cleanliness doing with Beautiful White Carpet? Its soooo pretttyyyy. We bought this house about a year ago and it had been left, untouched for forty some years. It seemed really dark because it was all the wood and brick and rust (we think it was rust colored, original color a little difficult to determine) shag carpet that was the sixties. We managed to do quite the remodel with our own two hands and part of that was to paint paint paint -including the bricks (we painted off white) and new flooring, including The Beautiful White Carpet. It really is so yummy. Its the shag of the 00's. As opposed to the shag of the 60's. We still have lots to do to this house but we love it here.
I'm 36 now. It was a mediocre birthday. I think that after 11 years together, David should know that a little effort goes a long way and I should know that he needs to be reminded, with fairly (completely) overt "reminders that a little effort is appreciated. I will say that I had a great birthday surprise with a package from Lori-lyn! I got a great cd in the cutest little bag. The box even had puff balls floating around in it which was such a fun touch. Yay for birthday fairies!
Off I go to do some more work. Play time is over! (for now) Mo


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