Thursday, June 30, 2005

chicken in pants

chicken in pants
chicken in pants,
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This is funny- and in some way oddly familiar...
Its from the book "Animals should definetly not wear clothes" by Judi Barrett and illustrated by Ron Barrett.
M picked it out at the library and I was reading it to her last night. When we got to this page, I laughed out loud.
I bought me a huge desk at the salvation army for $25 the other day. Then we moved the bed out of the guest room/studio and now it is just the studio. I cant tell you how nice it is to have dedicated space now. Its so wonderful to sprawl and set things up and get more excited about Froy and Olo. Speaking of, better get to work, I have a date with a lot of glitter!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

June Bug

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Today we had this great collaboration- me and my five year old. He sketched out his bug and then picked the felt and then cut out most of the pieces. (those tiny eyes were too small for him). At any rate, we were both so pleased with our work. He later announced that we should have "sewing club" and that he wants his own machine for his birthday. My boy likes to sew! My Grandma -who taught me to sew- must be awfully pleased with herself right about now!

Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm so brave!

I am posting this in the living room with The Beautiful White Carpet. And Im eating spahghetti with tomato sauce in here too. I think Im brave but if I stain The Beautiful White Carpet I'll be pissed! Whats a gal with two wee ones and a husband who is ,ahem, "relaxed" about his cleanliness doing with Beautiful White Carpet? Its soooo pretttyyyy. We bought this house about a year ago and it had been left, untouched for forty some years. It seemed really dark because it was all the wood and brick and rust (we think it was rust colored, original color a little difficult to determine) shag carpet that was the sixties. We managed to do quite the remodel with our own two hands and part of that was to paint paint paint -including the bricks (we painted off white) and new flooring, including The Beautiful White Carpet. It really is so yummy. Its the shag of the 00's. As opposed to the shag of the 60's. We still have lots to do to this house but we love it here.
I'm 36 now. It was a mediocre birthday. I think that after 11 years together, David should know that a little effort goes a long way and I should know that he needs to be reminded, with fairly (completely) overt "reminders that a little effort is appreciated. I will say that I had a great birthday surprise with a package from Lori-lyn! I got a great cd in the cutest little bag. The box even had puff balls floating around in it which was such a fun touch. Yay for birthday fairies!
Off I go to do some more work. Play time is over! (for now) Mo

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Lame-o blogger

I really do have better intentions for this blog! My hubby had the week off and I had intended to do all sorts of things I didnt get to. I did, however, get to lots of things I didn't expect to get to. I had a great week or two with orders coming in from unexpected sources. This made me happy. It also made me tired because I had lots to do. The good news is that I have managed to send most of what I need to to Ruth my web designer. Hubby had a great laugh when I told him I had gotten an email from her asking, kindly, if I could stop doing her job. Truth is, Im detail OBSESSED and so used to doing it all myself, its tough to let go. I had to hear it and kudos to her for being able to say it.
Meanwhile, I just want to make something. I went to April Cornell and bought the cutest vintagey looking napkins on big sale. I got two each of two different designs and I am going to make a quick and darling skirt for M. Its half sewn- I should be able to do this. We'll see!
Its my birthday tomorrow. Big 3-6. It feels sort of like my birthday and sort of not. My lovely friend Beth had a fantastic party for me and her mom ( we share a birthday). I always say Beth could feed the world- she is so nurturing and loving. She made quite the spread of pork chops and shrimp /tomato kebabs and salads and all sorts of yummy things. The best part though was my favorite cake- Banana whip cream cake. I dont eat it very often at all but I do enjoy it a ton! It was a great night about a week ago so I sort of feel like I already had a birthday. I'll take another though. I think we may do the zoo , or go swimming . I do have a date with an extremely handsome and snuggly boy for Shark boy and Lava girl. Should be a great day.
Im off to bed ! Im older now- gotta get my beauty rest! Mo

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm back!

Wow, its been awhile. Its been terribly busy around here with this and that. Tomorrow I have an interview of sorts and I really should be prepping for that. I have ten years of design work to winnow down into one amazing (thats the hope anyhow) portfolio. I haven't had any sort of interview in five years and Im pretty steeped in my momness so going out into the business world sounds a bit daunting. Its for a freelance gig and I sent a work sample and truth is there are just not a lot of footwear color designers out there and he already said I am going to be doing the gig, I just need to come in and sign paperwork. But it still gives me the willies. From what I hear though, everyone at this company is great and down to earth. Still....
Its still not sunny or particularly warm yet. Its only mid June. My birthday is in two weeks and I am hoping by then to have a day of sun to enjoy turning 36 on. Im not bothered by age or how old I am. All I know is that I still feel about 17! Better go get responsible and work on the book. Ack!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Plant Saturday

We woke up today and got to go to my favorite farmer's market in the area. It happens to be huge and popular so it gets really crowded. David's buddy Kelly is getting married in two weeks here in town and they live in Seattle so we went to scope the flower offerings and report back to him. God love this boy and his beautiful bride, for keeping this a really heartfelt wedding about their love and not all the fancy trimmings. David is in the wedding and gets to wear his own suit- so nice because tux money is not in the budget . And then the day of the wedding someone is going to go pick up gorgeous bouquets from the farmers market for the wedding. I think thats great.
So as long as we were at farmer's market, I might as well pick up a few more plants . Why? To put next to the big pile of plants I keep buying and have yet to plant? Sure. The kids each picked out a dahlia to grow and I bought (another) goldish apricotish heuchera and an amazing castor bean plant I have wanted since last summer. It has an amzing big leaf and incredible corally pink fuzzy pod things that grow out of it. Prehistoric and dr. suess all at the same time.
Later I had to go grocery shopping and I perused the garden section for a wire vine. They didn't have it but they did have lime scented geraniums! And some pretty gorgeous begonias. I couldn't very well go home without my wire vine so I stopped at the nice chi chi nersery on the way home and they didnt have it either. But they did have all kinds of neat things I cant remember the names of. I bought four more plants there and then asked the guy about where to plant my castor bean plant- He kindly informed me that they dont sell them because they are wickedly toxic. Eat a pod and die toxic. Hmmmmm. My son is 6 and has severe food allergies so he puts very little in his mouth so he is ok. My daughter, on the other hand... She came to me face covered with frothy orange snot the other day. Come to find out she had shoved her flintstone vitamin up her nose. It hadn't looked that big until I saw it firmly lodged in her three year old nostril. Sadly, the castor bean may have to find a new home. Makes me too nervous. We have been through enough with her. Just over a year ago she had open heart surgery to correct a birth defect (an enormous hole). She is rough and tumble and fearless and so precious. We just finished paying all those bills - yep, the plant has to go.
I am happy to say though that Imanaged to plant some of the things I bought in my Guy Wolf pots I bought at a garage sale the other day for a buck a piece. In case you dont know, they sell for $40 a pice at smith and hawken. I love me a bargain.
I have been playing with my fabric stash and am wanting to make more bags. With the website getting staarted soon and oprders coming in I have nt had the time. My mom may take the kids to the zoo on monday so I may have to make it a make something day. Better go get to work. I have fireworks and pregnant ladies to draw.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Oh that wasn't very nice

David brought home reeses peanut butter cups (at my request) He brought the king size home- I had one earlier and then he had one and then I ate the remaining two while he was busy doing something else. Im hormonally primed to not leave chocolate bits just laying around and he must know that. Still, I feel guilty having cheated him out of his fair share. They were pretty good, for corporate candy.
Things around here are moving right along. I had an "up " day today, where I felt positive and focused. Yesterday was a down day for sure where I felt panicked and edgy. I did find some irony when, at the peak of my frustration , Jehovah's witnesses came to the door and left me a booklet that said something on the cover like ,"living with all stress in your life" Something to that effect. Coincedence? Im not so sure. It atleast got me to slow down a little and take a breath and get off that crazy panic train.
My panic comes from not having work and not having worked since december. Dont get me wrong, I am enjoying myself. But this cant last forever. I am trying so hard to get my business going and I have made great strides but great strides aren't going to immediatly pay the mortgage. I think they will help down the road for sure though.
My two fun things this week business wise, were discovering a forum and community for people like me- entreprenurial types who like to make stuff. Its been a wealth of info and inspiration. Secondly, looks like plans are laid so my website will be getting built in a couple of weeks. With any luck it will be up in time for my birthday- June 26. I hope thats enough time. I willbe so excited to have it.
Time to go and relax a little and lay around and rub this belly full o' chocolate and peanut butter. I finished my month of softies bag and now I just want to make more so maybe thats what I'll do. Cant sit still for too long!