Thursday, May 26, 2005

Treasure Dive #3

originally uploaded by meaux mo.
I am in a women's artist collective. We came together and formed the Treasure Dive Collective last September. In what has been a pretty short amount
of time, we have really gelled and been able to pull off some pretty great show/sales. There are five of us total and for the last show and going forward we are inviting two or so guest artists to join us. It is a way to offer something new each show and also meet more artists in the community.
Between the five of us we offer a pretty nice range of product from jewelry to cards to paintings to kid's apparel to collaged painted works. As varied as our work so too are our personalities and it has been nice riding this wave with four other like minded but very different women. we have managed to find a way to compliment each other's strenghts and weaknesses.
Being part of the TDC has been such a great catalyst for me to get off my butt and take care of some business. I have such a better focus than I think I would have had had I beed floundering around on my own still. I would love to take the idea to a bigger scale and get an internet collective going with all of the amazing talented people I am meeting on these blogs. Stay tuned, Im sure I will get around to that one of these days.


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