Tuesday, May 31, 2005

summers over- again

Well, the sun has left. We had two days of 90 and 98 degree heat, only to go bak to the mid 60's again. In a way its good because I still have so much planting to do and the heat like that is not good fo fresh transplants. We have a nice long flower box that runs the distance of the walkway to our door- got to love your 60's tri levels- and it is now full of more begonias , the wintered over licorice plant (chartruse one) wire vine, lamium and some other stuff I cant remeber names for from last year. I love walking to and from our house with the flowers all there. I will take photos and add them later.
Im feeling a little pins and needles today because one of our most favorite couple friends had a plump sweet little fertilized egg implanted today. They have had their share of trials and disapointments where this baby making stuff is concerned. There are people out there who really do deserve to be parents because not only are they phenomenal people, they would be phenomenal parents. Now they have to wait for two weeks of wondering and hoping and imagining this little baby growing inside them to see if it took. It must be pure torture.
I am getting excited to get the estimate for the website I am hoping to get built. I should hear tonight or tomorrow. I am so hoping it is within reach so I can actually get going with this dream business of mine in a real and all over the internet kind of way. I did three new designs for nirth announcements tonight so it feels good to check those off the list. I am hoping to do 7 more designs before the site goes up.
Good news on the pumpkin front, the seeds have germinated and shoved their first leaves through the soil. I say shoved because these giant pumpkins are pretty big from the start and the grow at an alarming rate. David dug and filled his hills for transplanting. Please, god of the pumpkins, give this man a decent pumpkin this year. I hate to see a gourd break his spirit.
Time to finish up my month of softies submission for May. Always at the last minute! I am pretty close to finishing and an evening of sewing will be nice. June is somthing like "June bugs" which sounds like a lot of fun. Im off to finish! Mo


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