Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The yummiest!

This is a photo of some labels I did for these incredible candles amde by B Pure. If you haven't been to , you should go. The lotion is the nicest non greasy nice thick lotion that there is. I discovered it when I did a trade with the owner of B Pure quite some time ago. We found each other on , and I'm so glad we did! Her lotions are also really nicely scented and if I shower at night and put lotion on before bed, everything still smells good the next morning. Its one of those things that makes me feel a tad feminine in an otherwise decidely not very femine existence! I try- I love a lot of feminine trappings but I am tired and short on time so I don't always get too feel very girly. At any rate, Mary asked me if I would be interested in doing the labels for her new candles and I , of course, said heck yes. It is a line called "Islands" so all the scents are tropical in some sense, though not all overtly so. The recipient of the bunny I did and posted awhile back came over and literally buried her nose in one and just sat and inhaled it (and literally drooled all over it!) for quite awhile until we got it back from her. Mary was so sweet and she sent me a big box of candles which was so great. I have been generous with a few but am having trouble parting with very many! I am pretty happy with the way the labels turned out too so that was icing on the cake.
We had such fun today just being silly and enjoying each other's company. We had a playdate with a friend of L's and it was pretty clear there is a little crush at work. They get a tad shy with each other and a little goofy too. They just need a little time to warm up to each other and before you know it they are getting crazy pretending to be different creatures together. I don't say anything to L about it because I know he would be mortified so I try to just roll with it so that he doesn't start feeling uncomfortable about her coming over. They have a great time together so I would like to keep it that way. Her mom told me she was writing his name and drawing hearts around it before they came over so I guess the crush is mutual! Six seems so young to be already getting into that! Time to watch Lost on tape. Have a great thursday!


Blogger Lori said...

Fabulous labels!! I will have to check out that site.

11:41 AM  
Blogger molly said...

those labels are beautiful. i love your style!! and the blues and browns. they are wonderful.
Oh no, crushes at six?? I'm not ready for that!!

6:02 AM  

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