Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

Look at the poor easter bunny- he fell in the mud

Look at all the people- and all the umbrellas!
OK, so I have lived in the Pacific Northwest almost my entire life. For those of you who don't live here, I know you have heard the jokes. And yes, it rains. Sometimes it rains a lot. Sometimes a little less. We are , after all , technically in a rain forest. At any rate, Spring here is a crapshoot. Sometimes its great, a lot of the time its pretty wet. We are not daunted by a bit of moisture, we go about our daily lives with hardly a notice of the rain. Somedays you notice though.Today was one of those days. We got all dressed in many layers and headed out for the annual easter egg hunt at the local dairy. Its great- They fill big open fields with tons of "chocolate" eggs. Some have little stickers and you can redeem those for prizes. The sad thing is that, and you think this would be a given , even though it is intended for the kids, there is always this contigency of rabid mothers , drunk with the possibility of redeeming eggs for all those plastic toys and cheap stuffed animals that run out and grab up as many eggs with their greedy little hands as they can. I digress, we managed to have a decent time despite the rain. The kids had a few eggs to redeem and given the rain there were fewer people than normal so they scored a bonus big stuffed purple rabbit that they are sharing beautifully. They are making a bed for it and playing really nicely and that makes me feel really pretty good.( It also makes me wonder if the kids of those rabid mom's would react the same way given only one bunny between them!). I think one of the funnier parts was after the hunt, watching the people who had been directed to park in the big grassy field next to the dairy, all spin their mudcaked tires fruitlessly. We ended up helping push another guy out and having another push us out. We were soaked, covered in mud and pretty cold but all in all , I had a pretty good time!

We were pretty stuck!


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