Sunday, February 26, 2006


First of all, wow, this is the second night in a row that the kids have been asleep in the 7:30 neighborhood. Its just odd to be off and doing things other than the bedtime routine at this hour! I thought it was a treat last night , but tonight too? Wow!
A couple of weeks ago we actually had a nice stretch of sun and I made a point of trying to get some product shots taken to put on the site. I strung some yarn on my old $5 screen door I love so much and hung up the tags with tiny clothespins I got at an estate sale. Speaking of estate sales, its starting to feel a little springy around here and its getting me in the mood for a good sale or two. At any rate, I like the way the photo turned out. I love little sparkly things!
We are just finishing up our mini swap things. I am excited to send them off and we have had a really good time getting these things together. I will be bummed when it is over. Maybe I will need to get another one going. The kids have really enjoyed it. (me too!)
I have a busy couple of weeks with freelance etc. coming up. I will admit to being slightly envious of the Nebraska plant workers who won that big powerball. Thing is, I don't need 15 million dollars (thats what each person walked away with). I could do just fine on even half a million. Just enough to sock away to take the edge off!
Tonight we were reading "Crictor" (tonight and everynight) and there is a picture of a goblet shaped glass and M called it a "birdpot" - she meant "birdbath" but I thought that was just really cute. Im easy to please when it comes to them!
Not that I dont love sitting and chatting to all of you, but the season finale of "Dancing with the Stars" is on so I am outta here!


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