Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sort of a corner

I have been seeing everyone's corners of their homes and really enjoying them so I am showing one of my own. Its almost a corner- the wall right before the corner. I love the chair because it was my Grandma's. She had it forever and I finally reupolstered it a few years back. I love the shape of it and I love the fabric. When I recovered it I found the original tag from the shop where she bought it and it had a phone number on it with only five numbers. I love that sort of thing. The thing behind it is an old screen door I bought at a garage sale for $5. I love the way it looks. I take it to card shows and I can slip the edges of the cards into the slats and it makes a really nice and easy display piece. Plus the table I got at an estate sale down the street of some people moving to Mexico. $35! More than usual but I really liked it. I m a sucker for bamboo. I love that our house has so much "found" furniture. Oh, and hey, did you notice the actual SUNLIGHT in the photo? Ahhhhhh, a small much needed sunbreak yesterday. Just long enough to get outside and breathe fresh air and play with the new stomp rocket.
I feel like a real knitter today. I realized this morning that the big shapeless box of a dress that I am knitting for Maya was probably not really supposed to be a big shapeless box. In my haste, I didn't clearly read the direction. I then ripped out almost all of it (!). See, Im a real knitter now- in the past I would have tried to find a way to fake it but now it needs to be right!


Blogger Strikkelise said...

The screen door is a lovely Detail. We don't have them here, they are a typical "movie" thing :)
And those grandma's chairs are real treasures. I have one too, which has been handed down to me via my mother. I should have reupholstered it a long time ago, come to think of it...

9:48 AM  
Blogger Marcella said...

Hi from a fellow "thrifter". I just found your blog-oh what a lovely name! Was curious-how did you start your son sewing?I have a son a bit younger than yours.I do not sew much but I would like to get both of us started.Any tips? He's good at writing and art by the way. Marcella

9:11 PM  
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