Sunday, January 15, 2006


Phew! That was quite a weekend! I hadn't realized it was going to be so packed with things to do, but it was. Saturday we went to brunch at my sisters and that was nice. I picked the camelias above to give her- aren't they gorgeous? The photo makes them look like they have glitter all over them. Just rain- in fact I was suprised there wasn't more ugly brown spots on them- they have been taking quite a beating out there.
Secondly, that is M's skirt! Its long and skinny like her. It looks so cute onher and the moms at preschool were all agog when she wore it to the program with her shiny metallic red mary janes- on the wrong feet of course. She intentionally wears "banana feet" because thats just who she is. I am now torn between finishing a dress I have half done for her or starting the mice in Lucinda Guys handknits for kids. I think the dress will win out. Keep you posted!


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