Monday, September 26, 2005

so tired!

Let me just say that kindergarten is kicking my ass. It sort of a long drawn out emotional thing- I expected it to be a day or two of tears at the busstop as my love chugged away on the big orange bus. I never cried at the busstop- its more subtle than that. And drawn out. Im not one for homeschooling but I just wish we could stay in co-op forever! Where all the parents know each other and you know the kids too. I volunteered for classroom help and have yet to be called upon. I should probably call but Im sure she is just getting her bearings in a new school year. Its only been two weeks- it feels like this has been going on forever!
I did home of the sampler last month and I actually had a good time doing it. I can't wait to get my samples in the mail. I want to do the mega super contribution next month (200 promos) because then you get special mention and promotion for no fee. I really think I need to add photographs of the products to the website. It jsut seems like the person who has never seen the cards up close can't get a feel for what they are really like on the site. I really need tp learn how to update the site myself!
I am fixing to freeze lots of roasted tomato "sauce" (too chunky to be a sauce really) tomorrow morning as well as a bunch of peaches. The peaches may or may not make it to the freezer because they are divine. I have blackberries freezing in sheet in there right now. D's mom's friend gave us a freezer and I had no idea how much I would enjoy it! The thought of all that yummy fruit in the winter is so great! MMmmmm peach pie in January here we come! Better get to bed. M has croup and will no doubt be up barking like a seal all night.


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Blogger Lauren said...

I am with you on the kindergarten thing. I've had to do it and in isn't easy.
Can't wait to see what you have in the sampler. I only did the 25...I need to figure out what to make that I can make LOTS of.

10:00 PM  
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