Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fun things

I got an email from my secret pal tonight. I had sort of forgotten about it so it was a nice surprise. I, being a touch technically challenged (ironic as that is for as much time as i spend on my mac) I set up a supposedly anonnymous account on yahoo. Well long story short (ok , not that long of a story) when I sent her an email, it had my name in bold in front of my secret email address. How stupid is that? Or how stupid am I? At any rate, she knows my name so I hope she will pretend im still a big secret til the end of it all! Think I will send her a card in the snail mail tomorrow. Without my name on it!
Lovely Leslie of tagged me with five idiosyncratic things I do meme. I have to limit it to just five of the odd things I do?
1. If no one blesses me when I sneeze I bless myself.
2. I check the doors and windows about five times before I will go to sleep
3. I am obsessive about germs and use those disposable wipes even though I think they are wasteful . You really dont need e-coli twice.
4. I wake up every morning promising to go to bed earlier that night and I NEVER do-even though I really believe I will.
5.I have to make the bed every morning when I get up or I just dont feel right.

So there you go. I had a good one for #3 but I read it to David and he cringed and got really judgemental about it so I deleted it. He can be such a stick in the mud.

Time for bed. If I go now and hurry , I will be going to bed earlier- though not as much as I think I should. Nightie night!


Blogger Leslie said...

Thanks for playing, Mo! I do that "bless me" thing too! Ha ha!

BTW, can you send me your mailing addy again?!

9:14 PM  

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