Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pedicures and pastries

Imagine my excitement when I saw I had actual comments on my last post!!! All thanks to Lorilyn, www.dreamlifestudio.blogspot.com my blog mentor and internet friend. I am still trying to get my photo on here and figure out my new flickr account (also thanks to the fabulous Lorilyn). I am on a mac and I find its a bit glitchy with these things.
I had a very nice morning. I woke up to actual sun- and it is still shining. I love Oregon and all that but May has been painful in the amounts of rain that shower upon us EVERY DAY. To have actual sun two days in a row has lifted my entire mood. So my sister and I went out and had pedicures and lunch and pastries from this little bakery. I rarely get to be so indulgent so it was very nice. I picked out a color, sort of deepish sparkly purple red called "Yukon do it" . (I love OPI polish because they put a lot of effort into their names.)
The it I am hoping to do is blow out my little business I do here on the side and get it really going- create a satisfying cash producing work set up. Where I am the boss. I have been the on again off again design freelancer for years now. Its a great gig- if you can get it. Great money and interesting work. The hard thing is here I have been out of work for the last five months and I am not sure when I will work again. We have always been able to get through the leaner times but it really is feast or famine. I have always been entreprenurial and have ,over the years, done all sorts of things. I had my first business at around 18- I made jewelry under the name "Moriginals "(it was the eighties!) I made these paper watercolored earrings . It was pretty sucessful- all my parents freinds would say, you'll be the next Laurel Birch! At any rate, that ended finally though I dont really remember how or when. I got sick of it, I think. My thing now is an invitation/cards/announcement business. I call it Froy and Olo. It is really something that has taken off on its own and now I just want to get a website up and going. Controller that I am, I want to do the site myself- I am a designer- shouldn't I do it myself? Im starting to think no, I need to just pay someone or the site may never get up! I have as much as a homepage www.froyandolo.com. I have had that for like, three months. I need to bite the bullet but we are in a "famine" period so Im not sure how to get one made and paid for! At any rate, thats where my head is today. I think I will go dif through the recipe files so I can pass along my choco. gateau recipe by the weekend. Mo


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Your cards are so beautiful!

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